Project Scheduling

Project scheduling typically refers to an outline of activities, the time needed to complete each activity, and the required resources for the tasks to be completed within the stipulated time frame. Besides, project scheduling involves the relationship between different activities in a project.

For better outcomes of the overall project, the project schedule should come after WBS has been created in the scope planning and before one proceeds to the project resource planning. As seen in the previous discussion, WBS involves breaking down activities into some smaller units that are easy to estimate their time and manage them properly.

With modern technology, project scheduling is becoming even more comfortable because of the introduction of software that automatically manages the tasks. The beauty of this kind of technology is that it alerts the project managers when a specific job is delayed and the project’s projected due time.

Before you commence your project, you need to know what your project involves, the time when the project will be done, and the people who will do it. This is crucial because a project consists of various moving tasks and activities that need to be delivered on time. In your planning of tasks, there are some essential things you ought to know:

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