Instagram verification
Who gets the blue tick?
Any page that can be verified as an official account for a public figure or a celebrity or global brand gets the blue tick.

Being recognized as a brand is essential for any business, getting verified is a badge of recognition. The little blue tick on your Instagram profile can do wonders for your brand. – increase your credibility, multiply your followers, and increase your brand popularity.

Have you ever wondered how a small business with minimal following gets recognized by Instagram?

The good news is, it is possible. Brands with minimal following and presence have done it before; if your business has the potential to be a global brand, you should go for the verification. Beware of the scammers who try to sell Instagram verification. Remember that Instagram verification is FREE.

No, you don’t need to hire an overly expensive celebrity and burn a hole in your pocket.

Anyone can apply to be verified on Instagram. The next blue tick can be yours. And here’s how.

The basic set of guidelines that you can follow to get there are:
Ensure your brand complies with the community guidelines of Instagram.
The business owner has to prove that he owns the brand by submitting legal documents.

Before you apply for the badge of recognition, you should know that getting validated is minimal if you are not genuine. The brands that understand the tick already have some attention in the digital media and have made it to the top tier broadcast media.

When you apply for the blue badge, Instagram has few criteria to see if you are worthy of receiving the badge:

The first step in this process is easy. It would be best if you were the legitimate owner or representative of the business.
This account should be your only business account for this particular business.
Your profile should be 100% complete. And the data submitted for verification should be completely valid. You cannot provide false information as there will be a background check.

Do not add web links that redirect the IG profile to a different website that you do not own.
In short, do not go for any paid promotions when you are getting verified.
Be a famous brand. Your brand must have a digital presence. This brand recognition is the trickiest part, and I will tell you how to get that recognizable digital presence.
When you create your application, add a profile link from the other social media channels where your presence is recognized.
You should have an established and fully designed website and link all your social media platforms to it.

Promote. Promote. Promote:
Email campaigns, blog posts, Email signatures, and other social media feeds. Try and add your Insta handle everywhere to make it accessible.
People have to recognize your name as a brand.
Even though you are selling a physical product, add a blog with high-quality content. High-quality content will make you famous as you are adding value to the community.
Create your own Wikipedia page with detailed entries. If you do not know how to do this. Do some research on the big brands that have similar wiki pages and create related content. Please do not copy them.

Guest speaker and Guest blogger
Generate some buzz about your brand, and add those media links on your website.
Create organic backlinks and do proper SEO on your website.
Create backlinks from highly reputed websites. This strategy will increase your organic traffic and make you famous.
If your question is, how do I get this done? Go comment on their popular articles, and do not forget to leave your name and your website. When I say a comment, do not talk about your website and spam their page. Please read the article and write some positive remarks about their item, but do not forget to leave your website address.

Do NOT buy followers, likes, comments.
Do NOT use bots on your page
Do NOT use backdoor recognition methods to get verified.

Remember that you need at least 7+ articles on top tier websites like Forbes,Medium,, NY times, etc. You can submit articles on media websites and increase your digital presence.

Key Takeaways
Be a famous brand.
Articles on top tier media websites
Be a guest blogger or guest speaker
SEO and backlinks for your website

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